Complete Car Brake & Clutch Repair Service in Cranbourne

Both brakes and clutch systems are amongst the key components of your car. For a smooth & safe driving experience, you should always ensure that they are in perfect working order. They are prone to wear & tear with regular use. Excessive or incorrect use can also lead to premature wearing-off or malfunction. There is no better way to get the brake & clutch system of your car checked, serviced, and repaired than reaching out to brake & clutch specialists in Cranbourne & Melbourne.

Auto Care is the leading service workshop for car brake repairs and car clutch repairs. At our ultra-modern workshop, our expert brake and clutch repair mechanics can detect and repair any fault in your car’s clutch and braking system.

When Should You Get Your Car’s Brake and Clutch Checked?

The clutch & brakes of your car should be checked routinely during regular servicing. However, you should also get them checked if you find that your car skids when you apply brakes, it does not stop properly, it doesn’t stop at the intended spot, the pedal of the brake or clutch is too hard. Car clutch repairs may be required, if you find difficulty in changing gears or hear a rattling noise every time you use the clutch. If you find difficulty in driving uphill despite slipping into the right gear, it is another tell-tale sign of clutch wear off.

The common causes of brake and clutch wear and tear are resting of foot on the pedal and incorrect, excessive, or sudden use of clutch and brakes. As a car owner, you should never neglect any malfunction or low performance in clutch or brakes as the snag may escalate into a sudden breakdown that can leave you stranded on the road or can cause an accident. Always follow the advice of your car mechanic and get the brake and clutch repaired or replaced.

Brakes Repair Cranbourne

What Does Brake and Clutch Repairs Cover?

Our extensive car brakes repair and servicing covers, but is not limited to:

  • Discs

  • Drums

  • Oil

  • Cable

  • Pedal

Our check-up, service, preventive maintenance, and car clutch repairs include:

  • Discs

  • Rebuilding

  • Repairing

  • Flywheel grinding

  • Clutch hydraulic repairs

  • Clutch servo repairs (heavy vehicles)

  • Cable check & replacement

  • Clutch paddle check, repair, or replacement

We only use high-performance clutch and brake parts, cables, and oils to ensure your smooth driving experience. As a trusted car mechanical service provider, we give you a realistic estimate of the time and costs of all our services upfront. There are no hidden charges or any overpromises. We are committed to delivering everything we promise on time, every time.

Auto Care – Specialists Brake & Clutch Repairs in Cranbourne

Auto Care is the leading clutch and brake specialist in Cranbourne. For all your requirement for car repairs and replacements, regular tune-ups, and mechanical services, call us on 0421 376 730. Excellence and quality work by experienced mechanics are the hallmarks of service. With Auto Care, you have complete peace of mind and a stress-free car servicing experience.