Professional Car Maintenance Service Provider in Cranbourne

Every motorist wants his car to perform its best. An essential part of keeping your car in top-notch condition is regular servicing. Auto Care is the premium car maintenance provider in Cranbourne, with state-of-the-art diagnostics and repairs by experienced car mechanics. We service cars of every make and model including European and Japanese cars, SUVs and 4WDs.

What Is Included in Car Maintenance Services?

The car maintenance service takes care of all important aspects of your car to ensure that it is always in a roadworthy condition. Regular car maintenance service also ensures that any faulty parts are repaired and replaced before they could lead to a mechanical failure.

Some of the features of maintenance service of your car at Auto Care includes:

  • Engine oil replacement

  • Engine filter (checks & replacement)

  • Brake oil (checks & replacement)

  • Under-the-bonnet checks

  • Electrical circuits and points check

  • Fluids topping

  • Safety inspection

  • Road test

car maintenance Cranbourne

Another key factor that determines the quality of service and the performance of your car is the decision between repairing and servicing. Many parts just require dusting, cleaning, servicing, and repairs to start performing at the optimum level again – for example, clutch, brake, and transmission. Some parts need to be replaced outright as the repairs may not lead to desirable results. Our experienced mechanics can advise you on all products replacement or repairs.

Affordable Car Maintenance Service Provider in Cranbourne

We are the preferred choice for motorists in Cranbourne and Melbourne as we offer:

  • Full range of servicing

  • Experienced & trained staff

  • Honest pricing

  • All estimates upfront

  • No hidden cost

  • Best and high-performing spare parts

Another advantage of getting your car serviced from Auto Care is the high quality of spare parts that we use. As an experienced and trusted car mechanical service provider in Cranbourne, we understand the importance of using only top-quality spare parts as they affect the performance of the car. We pass on any manufacturers’ benefits and discounts to you to help bring down the overall costs.

Our focus is always on giving the best quality of service at affordable rates. As an informed car owner, you should never opt for a cheap car service at just any auto service centre.

Auto Care offers computerised fault detection and diagnostics using high-tech tools. We also have experienced car mechanics who are well versed in servicing and repairs all kinds of mechanical, auto electrical faults, and general servicing of all vehicles.

While our car maintenance service is the best in class in Cranbourne, we never overcharge our customers and believe in fair pricing. For queries and assistance, call us on 0421 376 730.