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Looking for the new tyres in Cranbourne & Melbourne? Auto Care is the leading car tyre shop in Cranbourne & Melbourne with the best quality tyres for cars of every model and make. We are the top seller of the widest range of tyres of leading brands that cover every style and type of vehicle. Choosing tyres of the right quality and strength is key to your safety & comfort while driving. Never compromise on the quality of the tyre as the weight of the entire car rests on the tyres. The smooth movement or motion of the tyres is directly dependent on the type of tyres and air pressure.

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How to Choose the Right Car Tyres?

Tyre size & width: Are you aware of your car’s current tyre size? The size of the car tyre is the primary requirement for choosing new tyres. If you are not sure of the tyre size, you can speak to our experts at our tyre shop.

Car / vehicle type: Your car model plays a major role in selecting the right tyre. The tyre requirement for a normal passenger car is different from that of a 4WD or luxury car. Always select a tyre that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Rim diameter: The rim diameter also plays an important role in the selection of tyres. Buying a smaller or bigger size tyre that does not fit the rim would be a waste of money. If you want to buy tyres of different sizes with more width and are not sure if the rims will need replacement, check with our tyre experts to make the correct selection.

Choose by brand: Every brand has its unique qualities, and you can choose any brand or tyre quality that suits your car or specific requirements. If you travel within the city only or if you travel on highways or muddy & rough terrain, then the brand or quality you need to select should be different. Check with our experts for the full range of options available to you.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Car Tyres in Cranbourne

Auto Care is the top car tyre shop in Cranbourne and a one-stop solution for all your requirements for new tyres. Over the years, we have won the trust of motorists in the city with our personalised service. Our mechanics are experts who have in-depth knowledge about which tyre would suit your vehicle best.

We offer:

  • Widest range

  • Full warranty products

  • Top brands

  • Best prices

  • Computerised wheel fitting

  • After-sales support

For all your tyre requirements, best deals, competitive pricing, and quick tyre-fitting visit Auto Care. For queries or support, call us on 0421 376 730.